To busy fishing…

6 06 2008

Sorry been to busy fishing to update the blog. We have been fishing pollock during the big tides in Skinningrove Wkye.  Had some tremendous catches up to 30st one day.  Here’s a couple of the many nice size pollock, caught over the last week.

As you can see the weather has finally settled down.

As most of you will know the mackerel is here with a vengeance…

Should have been here yesterday…

13 05 2008

Monday 13th May,

How to make a fool of a skipper. Went out to the same wrecks and some others, and only caught 5 pollock (one 12lb) and 6 cod. Where did they go?

Came inside on the reef top, in 15m of water, and caught 5 coddling in half an hour. So hopefully now coddlings have started inside. Let’s hope this bit of northerly will not spoil it.

Of course the cry on the boat was “you should have been here yesterday”.

Same again…

13 05 2008

Sunday 11th May,

Had a great day, yet again, with the pollock and cod on the wrecks.  About 10 stone of pollock and 4 stone of cod. Smaller sample this time, no really big ones, all round the 5 / 6lb mark. Lets hope we get the same again tomorrow.

First decent catch of the year…

13 05 2008

Saturday 10th May

A great days sport on pollock, using worms on the wrecks at 5 miles.  We had about 15stone of pollock and about 5 stone of cod. The best fish were a 11lb pollock and a 9lb cod.  Good start, hope it keeps up.

So much fish we had to stop…

11 06 2007

Today was one of those amazing days where whatever you did… you caught fish.   We ended up with over 30 stone of fish… cod, ling and mackerel.

One ling was over 20lbs (scale only went up to 20lbs)… all on storm shads and mackerel feathers. The ling was caugh on mackerel flappers.

There was so much fish that the guys did not know what to do with it all!


26 05 2007

Fantastic day’s mixed fishing, caught about 20 stone mainly cod, a few small pollock plenty of coleys AND finally the mackerel.

Some of the guys did really well on the storm shads very close inshore in as shallow as 30 feet.

Swallows may be spring but it doesn’t feel like summer until the mackerel have arrived…

Doing my Bob Ballard bit…

25 05 2007

Went out Wednesday trying to find three wrecks off Staithes that I’ve been looking for for ages but still couldn’t find so on the way home had a quick go on a known wreck and did very well… two pollock, two lings, (both small and went back) four nice cod… so Bob Ballard didn’t find the wreck but Sean found the fish…

Codlings are getting bigger…

25 05 2007

A very respectable day, with one of the lads, ‘Donny’ Paul, catching three stone of nice codlings all about 3 to 4lbs some up to 5lbs. A few nice fish came off one of the wrecks off Staithes using whole squid.

Happy Birthday

25 05 2007

Had a group of fisherman out celebrating Johnathan’s birthday, did quiet well with the fishing close inshore at Boubly.

Codlings still there…

25 05 2007

Fishing remains average with about 15 cod from one of the Skinningrove wrecks but the codlings are still there inside on daylights and shads.